Hotspot Lending Policy

Policy Statement

Greenfield Public Library is pleased to offer wireless hotspots from Mobile Beacon to aid in internet access equity.


Who Can Borrow a Hotspot?

Any resident from a municipality certified in the State Aid to Public Libraries program by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners is eligible to borrow a hotspot. Hotspot borrowers must have a valid CWMARS library card, be at least 18 years of age, and be in good standing with the library.

One hotspot is allowed per household. Each hotspot will support up to 10 connected devices.

For How Long?

Hotspots may be borrowed for 1 week with an automatic renewal if not returned on the due date.

Fines & Fees

Fines will not be charged for overdue hotspots, but we ask borrowers to recognize there may be others waiting for them to be returned.

Loss or Damage

Lost or damaged hotspots or accessories have the following replacement fees: hotspot -- $35; charger -- $15; case -- $10

Acceptable Use

Borrowers will adhere to the library’s internet acceptable use policy when using the mobile hotspot.


While checked out, the hotspot remains the responsibility of the borrower. Borrowers should not lose control of the device by lending to friends or associates.

Any attempt to alter the configuration of the hotspot is strictly prohibited and may result in loss of borrowing privileges.


Hotspot Availability

  • Hotspots may be requested by calling the Information Services desk at the library at: 413-772-1544, opt. 6, during normal business hours. All devices must be checked out at the Information Services desk.

  • Hotspots are not filtered.

  • Hotpots must be picked up within three (3) days, or the device will be set aside for the next user.

  • Hotspots MUST be returned to a GPL library service desk. Do NOT place the hotspot in the book drop or return it to another library.

  • Hotspots should be returned with the charger, SIM card, battery, and case to the Library in the same good working condition as it was when it was checked out.

  • If the hotspot is not returned within three days after the due date, service will be turned off and the hotspot will become unusable. Due dates can be found by accessing your library record online at: and logging in to your account, by requesting a receipt upon checkout, or by calling the library.

  • If the hotspot is damaged or not working, return it to the Information Services desk. Report the nature of the damage to a staff person.


A revocation of hotspot borrowing privileges may be appealed by written request to the Library Director.


  • The Library is not responsible for any files, data or personal information accessed/transmitted using the hotspot.

  • The Library will have no liability for direct, indirect or consequential damages related to the use of the mobile hotspots, including loss of data, or privacy invasions. Those who use the hotspots do so at their own risk and assume full liability for their actions.

  • Hotspot users are accessing the internet through the T-Mobile network, not the Library’s network.

  • Illegal acts involving Library equipment or services may also be subject to prosecution.

Library Hours

Mon-Wed 9:30am-8pm
Thu-Fri 9:30am-5pm
Sat 9:30am-2pm

For security purposes, the upstairs floor closes 15 minutes before closing time. Main doors are locked 5 minutes before closing.


  • Circulation Desk: 413-772-1544, option 4
  • Children’s Room: 413-772-1544, option 5
  • Information Services: 413-772-1544, option 6


  • Greenfield Public Library
  • 412 Main Street
  • Greenfield, MA 01301


  • 413-772-1544 x 5109