Study Room Policy

The Greenfield Public Library provides three quiet study rooms on the second floor: two study rooms that seat up to four people and one room that seats up to six. The Study Rooms are available free of charge.

Room Usage:

The following groups are invited to use the Study Rooms:

  • Individuals or small groups wishing to work without excessive distractions.
  • Small groups for nonprofit, educational, civic and cultural purposes.
  • For-profit use is permitted under limited circumstances consistent with the Library’s objective of providing a suitable learning environment for research, study and reading. One example of an approved for-profit use is a paid tutor.
  • High School and Higher Ed students are eligible to use/reserve a study room.
  • Groups or organizations that are conducting partisan political meetings, operating a business or selling merchandise or services, soliciting for sales, or for social events, are NOT allowed use of the Study Rooms.


  • Rooms are intended for group work or study rather than individual office space.
  • The rooms are not sound-proof and reasonable noise may be heard between rooms. No noticeable noise should be heard outside of the room while it is in use.
  • Cell phones should be silenced.
  • Headphones for any audio from a computer or other device are required (the Information Services desk offers free headphones). Food is not allowed in study rooms. Drinks must be in closed containers.
  • Furniture may not be moved into or out of study rooms.
  • Users must not affix anything on the walls or windows.
  • The rooms should be left in a neat and undamaged condition, with trash placed in appropriate receptacles.
  • Individuals or groups using a room shall be responsible to the library for any damage to the library premises or property during their reservation.
  • The library is not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen items.
  • Library staff may request that individuals/groups leave the rooms, and may deny them future reservation requests, if they are using the study room inappropriately or violate this or any other library policy.

Reserving Study Rooms:

  • A library card is not required to reserve or use the study rooms.
  • Study rooms may be reserved up to one week in advance by contacting the Information Services desk, or by booking online.
  • Study rooms may also be used on a walk-in, as-available basis by registering on the individual digital calendars located at the entrance to each room.
  • Individuals who no longer need a room should contact the Information Services desk to cancel their reservation.
  • Reserved rooms will be held for up to 10 minutes after the start of the reservation, after which, the room will be opened to others.

Limitations on Room Use:

  • To ensure equitable access, individuals and groups are guaranteed two hours of room use. After that time, they will be asked to leave the room if others are waiting to use it.
  • The same person or group may not reserve a study room in advance more frequently than three times/week. Only one reservation is permitted per day.
  • The same person or group may use study rooms on a walk-in/as available basis any number of times if the rooms are not in demand by others.
  • Study rooms must be vacated at least 15 minutes before the library closes and are not available after hours.
  • Groups using study rooms must not exceed four people for the smaller study rooms and six people for the larger room.
  • Groups of five or six people shall be given preference for use of the larger study room.


  • Study rooms are available for use by tutors.
  • A tutor wishing to meet with a student(s) in a study room must reserve and/or sign in to the room under their own name, not that of their student(s), (or students’ parents’) names.
  • A single tutor may only use a study room for up to two hours per day if others are waiting, regardless of how many different students the tutor is working with during their time in the room.
  • Tutors should be aware that if they have been in a room for over two hours and another person or group wishes to use the space, they may be asked to vacate the room even if they are in the middle of a tutoring session.


  • Exceptions to this policy may be made by the Library Director.
  • There may be times when study rooms are not available due to use for library-sponsored open-hours sessions by local social service agencies or other organizations.

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees 9/12/2023.
To be reviewed yearly, or as needed.

Library Hours

Mon-Wed 9:30am-8pm
Thu-Fri 9:30am-5pm
Sat 9:30am-2pm

For security purposes, the upstairs floor closes 15 minutes before closing time. Main doors are locked 5 minutes before closing.


  • Circulation Desk: 413-772-1544, option 4
  • Children’s Room: 413-772-1544, option 5
  • Information Services: 413-772-1544, option 6


  • Greenfield Public Library
  • 412 Main Street
  • Greenfield, MA 01301


  • 413-772-1544 x 5109