Out of State/Non-Certified Municipalities

The Greenfield Public Library Board of Trustees has voted to charge an annual fee of $35 per card to out of state residents or those who live in towns with non-certified libraries. If you live out of state or your town’s library is not certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, payment of this fee is required to access the Greenfield Public Library's services.

All libraries in the state must annually apply to the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners to receive certification. To remain certified, Greenfield Public Library must meet the criteria and standards for Public Library Service as stated under Massachusetts General Laws. Among these requirements are a specified number of hours open to the public and a minimum budget. As the county’s largest library, with the most number of hours of operation, the Greenfield Library provides significant services to residents of neighboring communities, including access to CWMARS services. In order to meet these criteria, the Greenfield Board of Trustees seriously examines how our resources are best used.

Our staff and facilities are placed under a great strain to provide these reciprocal borrowing privileges. In fact, over 41% of the Greenfield Library’s demand is from non-resident use! While Greenfield receives a small reimbursement from the state for serving non-residents, we receive no reimbursement for serving residents of communities whose libraries do not meet state requirements.

The GPL welcomes all visitors. This policy is the best way for us to continue providing a high level of service to all and is consistent with policies in effect at many other libraries in MA and in other states.

Other libraries can choose to deny all borrowing to residents from out ot state of any town that is not certified.

We encourage residents of non-certified or decertified municipalities to discuss the benefits of pursuing certification with their town librarian and/or the Mass. Board of Library Commissioners (617-725-1860/800-952-7403 in MA). Benefits include state aid funds, ability to apply for federal and state grant funding to improve library services and resources, as well as full participation in regional computer networks. Strong libraries help build strong communities.

Every town needs to do its part to support public libraries and help to provide these important services to all. Please contact your local library or town officials to express your views on this situation.

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees 09/21/2007.
To be reviewed yearly, or as needed.

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