Library Behavior Guidelines

To ensure that all users of the Greenfield Public Library may safely and freely use the library, there are expectations that customers will behave in a manner that does not:

  1. interfere with the mission of the library
  2. interfere with the rights of others
  3. damage the library building or property
  4. cause injury to others

Library customers unwilling to modify unacceptable behavior (as outlined below) will be asked to leave the premises. Police will be called when conduct is illegal, when a threat is posed to the library or individuals, or when an individual refuses to follow library policies or refuses to leave the library when requested to do so.

Any conduct which disrupts the library is prohibited. No list is exhaustive; however, conduct which may lead to denial of library privileges includes, but is not limited to:

  • carrying firearms and dangerous weapons of any type (except by law enforcement officers)
  • using or possessing alcohol /illegal drugs
  • smoking, chewing, or other tobacco use in library facilities
  • verbally or physically threatening or harassing other customers, volunteers or staff, including stalking, staring, lurking, offensive touching, and obscene acts
  • fighting or challenging to fight, running, pushing, shoving or throwing things
  • using abusive, obscene or profane language in such a manner as to threaten the rights or safety of another person or infringe on the sensibilities of others
  • trespassing in non-public areas, being in the library without permission from an authorized library employee before or after library operating hours, or camping on the library grounds
  • creating disruptive noises such as:
    • shouting, running, pushing or other rowdy, rambunctious behavior
    • banging on computer keyboards
    • using audible devices without headphones or with headphones set at a volume that disturbs others
    • using cell phones, pagers and other communication devices in a manner that disturbs others
  • gambling and group activities which are disruptive to the library environment
  • canvassing, selling, soliciting or distributing materials (except during scheduled events where written permission to do so has been obtained in advance from the library Director)
  • littering
  • entering the library barefoot, without a shirt, or being otherwise attired so as to be disruptive to the library environment
  • consuming food (except during scheduled events where written permission to do so has been obtained in advance from the library Director)
  • bringing in garbage, articles with a foul odor, or articles which, alone or in their aggregate, impede the use of the library by others
    • all bags and other articles are subject to inspection by security and other authorized personnel
    • the library reserves the right to limit the size and number of items brought into the building
  • using wheeled devices in the library or on library grounds, including skateboards, roller-skates, bicycles, scooters, and shopping carts (exceptions include wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers)
  • lying down or sleeping in the restrooms, or on any floor, couch, table, or seat in the library
  • blocking aisles, exists, or entrances by sitting or lying down in them
  • using the restrooms for bathing, shampooing, doing laundry, or changing clothes
  • neglecting to provide proper supervision of children
  • bringing in pets or animals, other than service animals

The library reserves the right to require anyone violating the Customer Behavior Guidelines to leave the premises. Serious or repeated misconduct may lead to the suspension of library privileges, legal action or criminal prosecution.

Library Hours

Mon-Wed 9:30am-8pm
Thu-Fri 9:30am-5pm
Sat 9:30am-2pm

For security purposes, the upstairs floor closes 15 minutes before closing time. Main doors are locked 5 minutes before closing.


  • Circulation Desk: 413-772-1544, option 4
  • Children’s Room: 413-772-1544, option 5
  • Information Services: 413-772-1544, option 6


  • Greenfield Public Library
  • 412 Main Street
  • Greenfield, MA 01301


  • 413-772-1544 x 5109